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A lot has been made of the ill-equipped, poorly-trained Libyan rebels.  Over at Defense Tech, they pile on posting a YouTube video with a supposed rebel and his AK having a catastrophic failure:

Here’s some Thursday morning entertainment. It’s apparently a Libyan rebel fighter showing off his skills with an AK-47 (it might actually be an AK-74U). Too bad the weapon just doesn’t want to cooperate. In fact, it hates firing so much, it self destructs after a few rounds. Oh and int looks like the poster of this video is, um, pro-Gadhafi. So not too sure how legit the claims that this is a rebel soldier are. It might just be regime propaganda but it’s still entertaining. Enjoy.

Not so fast.  The video, as several commenters point out, this video made the rounds a while back.  I found this one from November 10, 2010, but I am not sure if it is the original.  Plus, it’s not an AKS-74U–a favorite of Osama Bin Laden photo ops.  More likely, it’s a Hungarian AMD65 with a different fore end and muzzle break.  As the Defense Tech correctly point out, the video’s poster does seem pro-Gaddafi, so I am guessing it is poorly-executed info op, recycling an older video.


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