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Unfortunately, my research (and a thinly-stretched travel budget) prohibited me from attending SHOT Show 2010 in Las Vegas.  However, I have come across a few announcements here and there that caught my attention.  First and foremost are a few new high-capacity box magazines, which might be good candidates for the IAR.  As I mentioned before, I am not sold on drum magazines.  In fact, a RPK-like box magazine might be just what future IAR gunners need.

The first, and perhaps best, candidate is a 40-round version of Magpul’s well-respected PMag.  There are photos and some preliminary thoughts on the Military Times’ Gear Scout page.  When you check out the new magazine, be sure to take notice of the hilarious “Hello, Kitty”-like rollmark on the rifle.

40-Round PMag

Image Courtesy of Stickman

The next potential candidate I saw in this month’s issue of American Rifleman, which features an article on various magazines for the AR15/M16 system. Lancer Systems has announced a 48-round L5 Competition magazine.

Lancer L5 Magazine

Image Courtesy of Lancer Systems

L5 Magazine in Action

Image Courtesy of Lancer Systems

The L5 Competition is being pitched to 3-Gun competitors, but it may be useful for the IAR or similar type weapons.

For those unfamiliar with the IAR concept, advocates of the weapon system have called for a re-thinking of “suppressive fire” laid down by M249 SAW gunners. The argument is that unaimed fire does little to deter the enemy and that the only true “suppressed” enemy is a dead one, so a Marine armed with the IAR ought to focus on aimed, lower rate fire. Given this, one might argue that high capacity box or drum magazines are unneeded in the first place. At least to me, “aimed suppressive” firing seems like an issue of training rather than new technology, but the concept holds promise.


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